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Mission Statement

The aim of this website is to provide unbiased guidance to market direction, trading, and retirement saving. Our models can be classed into following groups:

Stock & ETF Trading Models

For our stock, and ETF, trading modes we developed a number of algorithmic strategies that combine fundamental and technical data.  etc etc

Macro Economic Models

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Stock Picking from Specialty Universes

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Recession Indicators

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Retirement Saving Strategies

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Regular Updates

We update our site on a periodic basis.

Sundays we publish, and email to subscribers, the trading signals and update our speciality universes.

Tuesdays we publish the latest performance summary of our trading models.

Thursdays we publish the Business Cycle Index and email it to our subscribers.

Fridays all our weekly Macro Models are updated.  Also we send a general email reporting on the status of the updates and list our recent published articles

Investment Advisers Act

Section 202(a)(11)(D) of the Investment Advisers Act.

We are not Investment Advisers. We are Engineers who have designed mathematical algorithms for financial models, whose output can range from an index to a stock/ETF selection, which is published here or elsewhere. We are not making any recommendations and have no opinion regarding the signals that these models produce.